Knowledge is the Key to Good Health

Knowledge is the Key to Good Health
Video Program

My comprehensive 11-part video program explains the importance of a whole food, plant-based diet and guides you step by step to making the transition to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Learn how a whole food, plant-based diet can help you and your family escape heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Watch, read, and listen as Dr. Hilary Greenebaum helps you and your family transition to a smarter diet to gain optimal health. Take the risk of feeling fabulous!

The Knowledge is the Key to Good Health video series is a comprehensive program that includes:

• Over 10 hours of video content
• Complete, printable transcripts of each video
• Questions for Discussion & Reflection to aid teaching & comprehension
• Online access to other related resources and learning tools

Purchasing Notes:

  • When you purchase the video series, you will receive access to a web page with links to all 11 videos, as well as PDF transcripts of each lecture, and the Questions for Reflection & Discussion.
  • You will be sent a login and password via email when you sign up.
  • You may log in to access materials any time after your purchase