Comprehensive Instruction

Eleven educational videos guide you you and your family step-by-step in transitioning to a healthier diet and lifestyle.


Program includes nearly ten hours of content for the low price of $25. Includes video transcripts and other resources.

View at Your Own Pace

View the videos at any time of the day or night from your computer, laptop, smart phone or television.

Take the risk of feeling fabulous!

This educational video program consists of 11 videos explaining how and why to escape heart diseases and other chronic diseases through transition to whole food, plant based nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Each video, listed below, is part of complete series that only costs just $25!

Watch, read, and listen to the videos, and learn how and why to transition to a whole food, plant based diet and healthy lifestyle to gain optimal health!

Healthy Vegan Family

A comprehensive video program that covers all aspects of transitioning to a whole food, plant-based diet.

We recommend you watch one session per day, or every few days, to let the information soak in and integrate with real life. You may want to spend more time on the Questions for Reflection and Discussion as you follow up on each session. Children may surprise you with their insights and questions. You may also want to re-watch some of the sessions that particularly apply to you and your family.

Here is a short 60-second preview of each video in the series:

Session 1: Overview and Nutritional Implications of Heart Diseases - Includes the topics of causes of heart diseases, pioneering physicians in modern medicine; Blue Zones around the world; a formula to escape heart diseases, a discussion of diet versus drugs; and the Standard American Diet (SAD) versus the benefit of a whole food, plant-based diet.
Session 2: Nutritional Implications of Obesity and Diabetes - Includes a global perspective of diabetes; eating for pleasure; emotional eating and eating disorders; the health effects and consequences of excess weight for children and adults; Type I and Type II Diabetes; reversing and preventing Type II Diabetes; permanent weight loss and control; and strategies for success.
Session 3: Nutritional Implications of Cancer - Includes the topics of a brief description of cancer; causes of cancer; effects of protein on cancer growth; protective quality of plant based foods; research, and testimonial stories.
Session 4: Plant Based Protein - Includes the topics of research on the health effects of too much protein; plant based sources of protein; how much protein we need; and an analysis of popular high protein diets.
Session 5: Carbohydrates, Sugar, Salt, and Fat - Includes discussion on each of these macronutrients including what they are, plant based sources of each, and how much we need; whole versus enriched grain; legumes; gluten-free; the problems with added sugar; addiction to sugar; fruit sugar; and sodas or energy drinks. Various foods are shown with amounts of sugar, salt and fat. The session opens and closes with discussion about the corporate science and marketing of processed foods to get us hooked to buy more.
Session 6: How to Transition to a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet - Includes the important topics of the social emotional aspects of transitioning to a whole food, plant based diet; the management of only eating plants; goal setting; preparing for the journey; friends and family; eating out; peer pressure; cheating; veganizing; special occasions; junk food; and overly enthusiastic vegans. This session is the nuts and bolts of how to transition smoothly.
Session 7: Meal Planning, Shopping, Cooking, and Supplies - Continues the discussion how to transition to a whole food, plant based diet with more specifics on meal planning; sample meals and snack ideas; smart shopping strategies, and cooking basics. Other topics include a quick review of whole food plant based nutrition; types of food, organics, GMOs; vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Session 8: Health Benefits of Exercise - Includes the topics of the positive health effects on cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases; pregnancy; aging, stress, depression and anxiety; getting started and maintaining an exercise regimen; quick tips for success, and professional vegan athletes. This session also answers the important question of which is more important: diet or exercise?

Session 9: Stress Reduction and Maintaining a Positive Mental Outlook - Includes the topics of flourishing with a healthy lifestyle; the health benefits of a healthy positive outlook; the relationship between cardiovascular disease and depression; food and our mood; drugs and therapy; what works to relieve stress, depression and anxiety; goal setting and intentional thinking; altruism; quick tips for success; self-talk, and how failure is not the end of the world.



Session 10: Other Reasons for a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet: Animal Welfare - Includes the topics of vegan terminology; our growing population; kinds of farming; specific animals such as chickens, cows, pigs and fish; public health and contamination; sustainability; animal welfare, and secrecy or AG-Gag laws.

Session 11: Other Reasons for a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet: The Environment -Includes how humans have impacted the environment through animal agriculture; biodiversity; deforestation and species extinction; our health living in this environment; the ethics of eating animals knowing what we know; as well as how we as individuals can make a huge difference! Yes, there is hope because the whole food, plant based diet has the smallest carbon footprint thus the lowest impact on dwindling natural resources.


Reduce Stress, Better Eating for Life

Nutritional Education for all members of the family

This 11-part video program will teach you and your children how to escape and prevent chronic diseases, how to avoid unsafe foods, how to reduce stress, and how to exercise more. Each video offers comprehensive, research based explanations, using simple language, how and why to transition to a heathy, plant based lifestyle. We have included how to transition, meal planning, and sessions on protein, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, and fat. Two additional sessions include other reasons for eating a whole food, plant based diet, (1) the animals and (2) our environment.

Use the power of knowledge and take the risk of feeling fabulous!

Each video ranges in length from 30 minutes to an hour, and is easy to understand. We recommend viewing the videos on your largest TV so that everyone can sit together, watch, learn, and discuss.

Videos are suitable for children middle school age and up and parents of any age! 

Many of the conditions we talk about are now occurring in youth, so their understanding and participation is crucial. Their increased awareness of your dedication to this new lifestyle will act as a strong motivator; because kids typically do as we do - not as we say! Think how pleased and proud your family will be to be able to prevent and reverse the chronic diseases that plague so many families.

Each session is designed to be watched together with Questions for Reflection and Discussion, which are included with each session. Please download and print the 11-page PDF that is included with the links to the videos. As a family, go over the Questions before and after each video. The Questions for Reflection and Discussion are a vital link to learning and sustaining changes to your family’s lifestyle. The questions are designed to stimulate thinking, and offer opportunities to explore and learn together, as you embark upon a wonderful, life-affirming journey toward optimal health!


Watch these videos using your smartphone projected on your TV via Chromecast!

Learn more about Chromecast here. 

Family Meals, Better Eating for Life

The transition to healthier living is easier than you think! 

With the knowledge gained from this video series, you can easily eat out, shop and prepare healthy, safe foods that are easy to make, satisfying, delicious, and inexpensive! Why not teach your children, and grandchildren, how to care for themselves and not fall victim to easily preventable diseases?

By making simple changes, you and your family can add life to your years and years to your life. Have fun together as you embark upon a wonderful, life affirming journey.

Providing the information and support you need to live a healthier, happier life.

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